Soeraki, heldin van de zee  

(Soeraki, heroine of the Sea)

youth opera for kids 6-8 years for 1 singer/actress, cl, bs, trb, hp, vi, vc and perc

45’00  |  2011  |  Dutch

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LUN 1004        Soeraki, heldin van de zee

Libretto                       Sjoerd Kuyper                                 

Commission             The Gergiev Festival Rotterdam

Premiere                    September 18th, 2011 Oude Luxor, Rotterdam

Instrumentation   for 1 singer/actress, cl, bs, trb, hp, vi, vc and perc

The Gergiev Festival invests in its audience, so educational projects are important.

In 2011 Sjoerd Kuyper (text) and Monique Krüs made Soeraki, heroine of the sea for kids of 6-8 years.

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Soeraki is a ten-year old girl. But she’s not an ordinary girl - she’s a  mermaid!

She lives in a tropical paradise where everything is beautiful: the fish, the coral, even the old crab! But often she's bored. It's all very nice but nothing's exciting.

Except for Bob, the merboy... But he won't even look at her, says 'Hi' and 'Bye' and that's it. To get his attention she decides to get him the most beautiful thing on earth and dives deep into the sea. Which is quite dangerous for a mermaid of about ten…

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