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arr. for cl, hp, vi, vc

Karma is een Bitch!

SSMA opt. children’s choir, mezzosopr solo, fl, ob, cl, bs, tp, hn, perc, hp, str

8’00  |  2019  |  Dutch

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Esther Kuiper, mezzosoprano, NEON Project Choir, Insomnio Ensemble conducted 

by Ulrich Pöhl.  Live from TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, Dutch Radio 4 broadcast

LUN 0009 - 1        Karma is een Bitch!   with chamber orchestra

LUN 0009 - 2        Karma is een Bitch!   with cl, hp, vi, vc

Lyrics                            Herman van Tongerloo, based on real life stories of 

                                          vulnerable  people who took control of their lives after 

                                          a painful start

Commission             Insomnio Utrecht, Ellen Blom

Premiere                    February 2019, Utrecht, NL. Live Radio4 broadcast from

                                          the TivoliVredenburg Concert Hall

                                          Tour Spring 2019 in the region of Utrecht

Performed by          Esther Kuiper, mezzosoprano, NEON Project choir,  Insomnio

                                           Ensemble conducted by Ulrich Pöhl

Director and documentary maker Ellen Blom collected life stories from Utrecht citizens,  to create a Requiem. A Requiem as a goodbye to hardship, to celebrate life and inspire others. 2017 was the first edition, with 8 works by 4 Dutch composers.

2019 brought the second edition  for which Krüs wrote 2 parts:  Onrust, the Offertorium in the Requiem and Karma is een Bitch! as the Sanctus.

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