Anne & Zef

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English w. Cantonese dialogues


opera for soprano, baritone, fl, cl, bs, hn, perc, vi1, vi2, vla, vc, cb

45’00  |  2018  |  English

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LUN 1007 - 4     Anne & Zef     (English)  

Libretto                           Ad de Bont

English                             Jonathan Levi

 Commission                Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra asked Krüs to compose an    

opera about Anne Frank in 2015. She based Anne & Zef on the successful play Anne en Zef by Ad de Bont, who used parts of Anne's diary as a starting point. 

The opera was created in Dutch and although written with a young audience in 

mind, it is suited for anyone older than 12. 

And for any language - until now it has been translated (and performed!) into Italian, English, German, and partly Cantonese. 

New translations and productions are planned.

Premiere                       Dutch:      April 7th, 2015 in de NedPho Koepel, Amsterdam 

                                             English:    May 17th, 2108 Beijing  

                                             English w. Cantonese dialogues: Nov. 24th, 2019 Hong Kong                       

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Anne & Zef in Albania  (in English), 2018


Zef, a fifteen year-old Albanian boy from our time, was killed because of the Kanun, the blood revenge. In the afterlife he meets Anne Frank and they find out they have a lot in common: a violent death, problems with parents, Anne loved to write, Zef loved to act. Both were robbed of their freedom prior to their premature deaths: Anne in the 'Achterhuis',  Zef had to hide in his own home to stay safe. Their curiosity about each other leads to poignant, funny and at times melancholy scenes. Gradually they grow closer to each other.

Key element in the story is the 'unknown diary' of Anne: Ad de Bont created new texts as if Anne had continued to write: 'First on a stone or in the sand, then in the air and finally only in my head'.

Anne & Zef in HongKong (in English / Cantonese) 2019

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